Candidate FAQ

How long does it take to register with Jobsocks?

Registering with Jobsocks will take you no more than 2 minutes. Once registered, select your skills, experience, upload your CV and tell us what you want. Once complete you will be ready to receive invitations or apply for the jobs you actually want.

Is Jobsocks Free?

Jobsocks is completely free for candidates. Our only ask is that your respect our key values focussed around respect for others and clear, courteous communication.

Can my current employer see my details?

Your name and personal details remain anonymous until you decide to connect with a company. When you upload your CV, you have the opportunity to remove the name of your current employer and past employers if you want to.

Will I get contacted by recruiters?

No. Only direct hiring companies can approach you. Better still, you remain anonymous unless you accept their invitation and agree to connect.

What type of roles are available?

Currently we are focusing on Quantity Surveyors, Commercial Managers, Site Managers, Project Managers and Contracts Managers. We will increase the type of roles we pair over time. Any feedback on the types of roles you would like to see are welcomed.

What type of companies do you work with?

We work with various size companies hiring in construction. This will continually develop as we evolve and listen to your feedback.

How do you generate revenue?

We charge a small success fee to companies who successfully recruit via Jobsocks. Jobsocks does not pressure candidates in any capacity. You connect on your terms. We step back and facilitate genuine connections so there is no fear of ulterior motives.

How is Jobsocks different from Job boards and recruitment agencies?

Jobsocks uses unique algorithms to specially match you just to the jobs you want to see. You review anonymously and only connect directly with employers if you want to. No pressure, spam or calls from recruiters with unsuitable jobs and ulterior motives. We give you back control.

What if my skills are not listed on Jobsocks?

Our database is continually growing, however if you find that your specific skills are not listed please contact us. It’s important to us that we continually improve our service.

I’m not seeing many matching Jobs or the right Jobs on the platform?

We have a couple of tips on this:

Tip 1 - Keep your profile up to date. Your skills, experience and requirements should be current.
The more relevant info companies can see about you, the more likely it is they will reach out.

Tip 2 - Respond, Respond, Respond - We get that things change and not every role will be right
for you at this moment. We just ask you reply to invitations either way. A polite ‘No thank you’ is better than no response.

If you are following the above and are still not getting results, please reach out and contact us.

How can I report a problem or give feedback?

Please Contact us and let us know. We are grateful for feedback both good and bad so we can improve overtime.

Company FAQ

How long does it take to register with Jobsocks?

Registering with Jobsocks will take you no more than 2 minutes. Once registered, you can upload your first job description. Our platform will automatically detect the skills required for the role. You will need to add the years of experience you require and any additional desired skills.

Once complete you will be ready to receive applications from candidates matching your requirements or reach out to those that do.

What Jobs can you post on Jobsocks?

Currently we are pairing white collar staff in construction so you can post all of your construction, whether permanent or contract. The roles and sectors we cater for will evolve overtime.

What if I don’t find the right candidate?

Firstly, nothing is payable If you don’t find the right candidate.
If you are not getting the results you want, please contact us. We welcome feedback and often we are able to assist you to get better results.

We are committed to developing talent and great companies within the Jobsocks community.

What are the costs of using Jobsocks?

Creating an account and posting a job is completely free. We charge a success fee if you successfully hire via Jobsocks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.