Jobsocks was born out of continued frustration and disappointment within the recruitment sector.

Traditional methods focus on fee generation above all else. This leads to filling jobs at all costs, which in turn leads to practices that are not always in the best interests of candidates or companies. This can vary from annoying to immoral.

Candidates have become increasingly disengaged with this process but until now have little alternative to make genuine connections on their terms without interference.

In seeing these problems first-hand, we believe the time is right to utilise new technology with a fresh approach that drastically improves the recruitment journey.

No pushy recruiters. No smoke and mirrors.


Our vision is to build the greatest job hiring community focussed on genuine connections before fees. Whether finding talent or finding your next perfect job, we strive to deliver the greatest recruitment journey for our community without 3rd party interference.


We are combining technology with a people first approach to give talented individuals and great hiring companies a space to make direct, relevant connections on their terms.